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1. Artist's Statement

Art and market reflect the role of the soul in society. We define our souls less and less as dignified subjects and more often as objects of economic thinking. This thinking is like a substitute religion: we call our dignity 'self-worth' and make it dependent on the performance that the 'market-god' demands. Automation and Artificial Intelligence satisfy the 'God-given' need for efficiency. This puts the human soul under even greater pressure. In contrast culture should insist on a minimum respect for the soul. In doing so, culture must oppose any inaccessible 'angelic morality'. In my art I want to claim an incomparable 'value' of the human being, including:
  • My belief in the mysticism of a soul. I want to approach this through my portrait paintings.
  • My belief in the sense of comfort. This I want to symbolize with my figure drawings.
Without judging others, the cross could represent these beliefs to me. Creativity and beliefs exist inside the head. Analogous I avoid using references. I try to make the contrast between subject and object visible. For this I combine the pictures with 3D graphics. They symbolize rationality and science. I hope this context makes sense while viewing my pictures.

2. About the Artist - CV

Selfportrait Photo of Martin Guan Martin Guan I'm a self-taught artist from Southern Germany. After school I moved to Berlin. I studied mathematics (diploma) and philosophy (minor). For many years I worked as a designer and GUI programmer. Now I’m working as an artist.

3. About the Artwork Technique

I do composite images (photomontages) of portrait paintings, figure drawings and 3D graphics. Martin Guan - picture categories Explanation Chart

3.1 Abstract Photos

I shoot abstract photos of my own artworks. I try to focus on the geometry of shapes in different light.

3.2 Portrait Paintings

My abstract paintings of the human face are from imagination. I paint these portraits in acrylics using different techniques. (Acrylics on water-color paper 50cm x 70cm).

3.3 Digital 3D Graphics

Each computer graphic has 3D objects to symbolize the basic idea of a thought process result.

3.4 Painting Photomontages

Each painting photomontage consists of
  • An abstract photograph (see above 3.1)
  • A portrait painting (see above 3.2)
  • A 3D graphic (see above 3.3)
For these photomontages I don't use every painting. But if I use a painting I use it more than once. So each painting is a part of different painting montages.

3.5 Figure Drawings

The pencil drawings are from imagination. They have the human figure as the primary subject. I use black acrylics as a finish. (Graphite on water-color paper 14.8cm x 21cm)

3.6 Drawing Photomontages

I merge the layers described above (see 3.1-3.5) into a new image, the "drawing photomontage". So this composite image includes scans of an actual drawing and a painting. Each drawing is only used once.