1. Artist's Statement

I'm interested in some philosophical aspects of comfort. In order to make comfort possible for all, one must beleave, that others are more than just an extrapolation of the own self. In my art I want to approach this belief as part of a 'mysticism of a soul'.

2. About the Artist - CV
After studying Mathematics (diploma) and Philosophy (minor) I worked as a designer and programmer for many years. Now I mainly work as an artist in Southern Germany.

3. About the Artwork Technique
I do composite images (photomontages) of my portrait paintings, figure drawings and 3D graphics. They are  available as prints only (I don't sell anything yet).

4. Links and Resources I like
Blender // Free and open source 3D creation suite
- Croquis Cafe // Figure drawing resources
Love Life Drawing // Figure drawing confidence
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